Vipnet debut for Telekom Austria/Eutelsat platform

October 7, 2013 06.59 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

EUTELSAT_16A_Ku-band_Europe_A_Downlink_CoverageTelekom Austria will launch its new advanced DTH platform this week on Vipnet in Croatia.

Employing Eutelsat at 16 degrees East and available throughout the whole country, it will offer all Vip SAT TV subscribers a much better service than at present.

Aside from being right away offered about 100 attractive European FTA channels, the will by the end of November have their current receivers replaced with new digital satellite HD receivers free of charge.

This will allow them to watch HD channels.

Vipnet is a subsidiary of Telekom Austria and the first users of the advanced DTH service within the Telekom Austria group.

Vip SAT TV can be activated with or without a contract. In the former case, the basic and extended packages cost HRK78.5 (€10.3) and HRK40 a month respectively, while benefits/discounts being available for those who sign 12 or 24 month contracts.

The extended package is being supplemented with new and attractive channels such as HBO, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery World, Discovery Science, 24Kitchen, Boomerang children’s programming and Cinestar Premier HD, as well as Fight Channel, Kreator TV/Extreme Sports/Motors TV.

It will soon also offer premium HD packages.

Telekom Austria first announced its new DTH service, operated in cooperation with Eutelsat, at IBC last month.

A B2B “direct2home” solution, it is targeted mostly at Central and Eastern Europe, as well as large parts of Western Europe, with its two main targets being broadcasting companies and telecom operators.

Telekom Austria also revealed at IBC that the first company to adopt the service would be its Croatian subsidiary Vipnet.