Naxoo and UPC Cablecom take first steps to union

October 7, 2013 11.45 Europe/London By Julian Clover

naxoo-signUPC Cablecom is to combine its offer in the canton of Geneva with that of the publicly-owned Naxoo.

The move comes in the face of a petition against a possible sale of Naxoo that will be decided on by a referendum in the Spring of 2014.

Left wing groups have been seeking to block the sale of 51.2% of the shares owned by the municipality to their minority partner Zurich-based Cablecom for CHF57.5 million (€46.8 million).

In a statement, the two companies said the new offer combines TV, internet and telephony offer would be a union of the best of both worlds.

The packages include internet speeds of 150 Mbps and, significantly, access to the Horizon TV platform.

The change will be phased in from November 2013. A two-month free subscription will be offered to customers as a means to facilitate the change.