Hope for online TV in Spain

Parent Category: News | 07-10-2013

Spain may be leaving behind the structural Internet problems which traditionally placed the country among those with the worst connections in Europe. According to CMT's latest report, over 1.4 million homes now enjoy connection speeds of over 30MB, and some cable operators are starting to offer packages over 100MB.

Therefore, there are no longer any broadband barriers for online TV platforms. Services like Yomvi, Filmin and Magine now have an increased potential market in which they can offer high quality video streaming. The number of high speed connections is also on the increase. During the last year, over 0.5 million houses have increased speeds to over 20MB, representing a 53% increase.

Some operators are already taking advantage of the new technical characteristics of the Spanish market: ten days ago Orange launched its new online platform through which it's offering 720p resolution for connections over 7.5MB. The Swedish operator Magine, which is still operating in beta version, will also offer most of its catalogue in HD for those with fast enough connections.

However, there is still a potential market hidden due to slower Internet connections. Nearly one million homes still have less than 3MB, while almost six million have between 3-10MB.