Dailymotion announces alternative documentary screenings

Parent Category: News | 07-10-2013

Dailymotion has teamed up with indie film promoter Future Artists to stream documentaries through its video platform, highlighting the growth of social media as a film distribution channel.

The documentaries will cover controversial topics ranging from things like the Occupy movement to how returning soldiers are treated, and alternative sexual lifestyles.

Future Artists will make one film available per month exclusively to Dailymotion viewers worldwide.

Future Artists works with independent film producers around the world to champion independent voices. It aims to provide an alternative to Hollywood dramas for discerning viewers and help nurture new film talent.

The first three films to be shown will be Broken Britain, about how the UK treats its returning soldiers, on 11 October, The Lost Generation that examines media and society, in November, and Pan, Play Decadence, about alternative sexual lifestyles, set for broadcast in December.

The agreement follows two previous deals between the organisations: a screening of Riot from Wrong earlier this year which attracted 50,000 views, and Invisible Circus last year which gathered nearly 70,000.