MICOM 2013: JCC seeks and shares content for Arab children's TV

Rebecca Hawkes | 07-10-2013

Quality live action children's series, animated series, kids' films and preschool entertainment are all on JCC's shopping list at MIP Junior and MIPCOM, as the Qatari broadcaster seeks to expand its network of content producers in Cannes.

JCC, which operates JeemTV, aimed at children aged from seven to 12, and Baraem TV for preschool children, is in particular looking for content which engages and educates Arab children about their creative heritage, promotes sport and healthy eating, and helps develop an interest in science.

"JCC's continuous presence at international content industry events helps building new avenues for collaboration and opportunities to engage with other global industry players," said Saad Al Hudaifi, acting executive general manager and channels' director, JCC.

"Our channels offer a mix of programmes that are carefully produced and selected to meet and exceed audience expectations. We have integrated a child centric brand that caters to the modern needs of Arab children and a generation of new media adopters, with a brand that offers a full scale, 360 degree proposition over multiple platforms."

The two JCC channels now produce and distribute more than 2,000 hours of original content to entertain and educate toddlers and children up to the age of 12.

Jowaher Al Nasr, acting sales and media rights director, JCC, added: "This year we want to introduce to international audience exceptional programmes such as Tijan Annour Holy Qur'an Recitation Contest, Muslim Scientists, Uncle Mosleh's Tales II, Science Capsule, Stories of the Righteous, Everything's Rosie, Nan and Lili, and Followers in Islam, that guide children through life, and inspire them to be good citizens by instilling and encouraging strong values and ideals."