YouTube still tops Latin America's online video consumption

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 08-10-2013

YouTube is still the most used channel to watch online video in Latin America, according to the latest comScore report. The research, which is based on comScore's Video Metrix digits, reveals that Argentina is still top of the markets with the largest Internet use to watch video, followed by Chile.

During August 2013, 95.5% of Argentinians connected at least once to watch audiovisual content, ten percentage points over the global average of 85.2%. Chile is second with 91.5%. In addition, Chile has one of the highest video consumption rates, with an average of 128 videos per viewer, coming second to Brazil with 166.
According to comScore, over 1,000 million people worldwide connected to the Internet in August to watch online video. Nearly 66 million did so in Brazil (86.4% of the population), over 23 million in México (81%), 17 million in Argentina and 5.5 million in Chile.
In Brazil, over 10,000 million videos were watched in August, 2,456 million in México (103 per viewer), 1,470 million in Argentina (86 per person) and 696 million in Chile.
On average, YouTube is still leading online video consumption, but the picture varies from country to country. Facebook is climbing, and rates second in Brazil and third in Argentina. Local players are also gaining importance, with Globo rating fifth in Brazil, Clarín ranking in Argentina's top five and Televisa also in fifth position in the Mexican market.