Publiespaña launches IT for transmedia communication

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 08-10-2013

Publiespaña has created a new company, IT, to design transmedia advertising campaigns for TV.

Mediaset's advertising company integrates product contracting, events design, marketing, social media strategies and app design in order to achieve greater success for advertisers.
IT has been created to meet the advertiser's needs on Mediaset's platforms but aims to extend the service through other media if required for a campaign. The company is directly headed by Giuseppe Silvestroni, commercial manager of Publiespaña, who leads a professional team which comes from the special initiatives' department of the same company. The department has lately achieved great success for Publiespaña, thanks to its innovative proposals for product placement and branded content.
IT represents an evolution, bringing the department to the new TV environment, marked by online broadcasting, the multiscreen scenario and, above all, mobile TV.
"IT is a clear bet towards a complete service and communication, through carefully listening to the market demands and needs in order to create the best solutions for our customers," said Giuseppe Tringali, Publiespaña's president.