MIPCOM 2013: TV formats highlighted

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 08-10-2013

Highlighting the latest formats from around the world, The Wit's Fresh TV sessions made a presentation on Monday of programmes coming under the theme Bye Bye Cocoon.

The shows include Talpa's Utopia, which is due to air in January 2014 in the Netherlands. This social experiment sends 15 contestants to live on a piece of land with an empty barn, two cows, 20 chickens, 25,000 in a safe, and a year to "build a new and better society". Each month one contestant is voted out, to be replaced by a newcomer.
The Village from Israel is a similar concept in which five families trade the comfort of their modern lives for 30 days in a remote, uninhabited location, building a sustainable community from scratch (DoriMedia).
Mission from Italy by Dinamo Italia sends six celebrities to live for 15 days with volunteers working "among the forgotten of the world" in places including Haiti, Africa, India and the Caritas soup kitchens of New York.
In the Netherlands, celebrities in The Kamaras Love You experience life with an African tribe for three weeks, where six of its main tribe members are actually actors (Eyeworks).
And dating formats are still high on the agenda for TV producers. Married at First Sight from Denmark involves six single people who've given up hope of finding a partner to marry a complete stranger, chosen by "psychologists, anthropologists and members of the church".
The Love Nest from Norway sees a bachelor and four single women sharing a luxurious villa for a week, with the bachelor giving the women "crystal hearts" which represent real money every day to reward them.
Manos Al Fuego from Chilevision sees couples testing their relationship by subjecting their other half to temptations.
Other formats are experimenting with how people can help each other. Buddy for Hire from the Netherlands (Talpa) pairs a young person "not doing anything at all with his life" with "someone physically unable to do anything with his".
Also from the same country is Wishing Well which sees young people with a difficult past helping retired people "make their lifelong dream come true".
New light entertainment formats also include the new singing contest Rising Star from Keshet, which has been picked up by M6 in France. 50 contestants sing in the studio, with viewers able to vote from home using a smartphone or tablet app. When a contestant gets 50% of the votes, a screen in front of them rises and they advance to the next level.