Acceptable Ads reject most whitelist requests

Michelle Clancy | 08-10-2013

Acceptable Ads has released metrics on its initiative to weed out bad advertising. Statistics on the Acceptable Ads initiative shows that out of 777 whitelist applicants to date, more than 50% were rejected because the ads were not acceptable. In all, it accepted only 9.5% of applicants.

"There are a good amount of fake applications or communication breakdowns that account for this discrepancy," the company said in a blog. "But the more notable rejections are the over 50% stated above that refuse to meet criteria. We developed these criteria over months of discussion, tested implementation extensively and proposed improvements to them. We're serious about upholding them, and we don't make exceptions. But that is not to say that we don't work with applicants."
The next step in the whitelisting process, after Acceptable Ads worked with the applicants to meet the criteria, is the formal proposal, of which we've had 148 to date. Of those, over 90% get whitelisted for free.
"Ours is a simple but ambitious goal that has matured in a relatively short time," the company noted. "If this was an experiment to see if ads can get better, the test phase is over: the amount of organic interest we have received and the fact that a tiny company in Cologne was able to work with all serious applicants to transform some or all of their ads into acceptable ones encourages us greatly. We, too, have crystallised our focus and streamlined the whitelisting process."