Netherlands measures high in online video engagement stakes

Parent Category: | 08-10-2013

In the very first comScore Video Metrix dedicated to the country, the Netherlands has been revealed to have the continentís second highest online video engagement rate.

The survey showed that in August 2013 there were 11.1 million Dutch online video viewers who watched nearly three billion videos with an average of 269.5 videos consumed per viewer.
To put this performance into content, comScore noted that despite having the smallest online video audience of the eight reportable Video Metrix markets in Europe, the Netherlands ranked second only to the UK in terms of video engagement. The latter territory boasted 37.992 million unique online video viewers with an engagement rate of 323.6 videos per viewer.
Listing behind the Netherlands in terms of engagement was Spain with 228.3 videos per viewers out of a total of 22.193 million unique viewers; Turkey with 207.7 videos per viewer from 21.81 million; France with 194.6 from 39.885 million; Germany with 179.3 from 45.529 million; Italy with 158.7 from 26.85 million; Russia with 162.4 from 60.016 million.
The data also showed that during the month 83.3% of the Dutch online population consumed online video for an average viewing time of 20.9 hours per person during the month. However, comScore found that there were significant differences in online video engagement by age and gender. Males between the ages of 25-34 were the most engaged viewers with an average of 471.7 videos viewed for a total of 38.3 hours during the month. Comparatively, females from the same age group watched just 206.2 videos on average for a total of 17.2 hours of viewing time.
As with other territories YouTube dominated the online video marketplace in the Netherlands with video music channel VEVO grabbing the top position in the August 2013 ranking with 2.6 million viewers. Maker Studies was second with 2.4 million viewers, followed by UMG with 2 million and SonyBMG with almost 2 million. Among the top 10 YouTube partners, VEVO and Maker Studios Inc. demonstrated the highest engagement both in terms of minutes per viewer (58.4 and 34.5 respectively) and of total videos (18,663 and 13,690, respectively).