MIPCOM 2013: Amazon Studios announces 24 films in development

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 08-10-2013

Amazon Studios’ director Roy Price has announced in Cannes that the company has 24 films and 30 TV series in development, following the public call for projects it had launched.

Moving to open creation for the audience, the studio actually received 5,000 pilot scripts from 115 countries.

For its first wave, Amazon posted 14 pilots on the VOD platforms Amazon Instant Video and LOVEFiLM and made them free for 30 days, generating more than one million views with ratings from viewers.

The second pilot season is currently on for shows that will be made available in the first quarter of 2014.

Next spring, Amazon will launch its kids' line-up, which will feature shows both educational and entertaining, mixing animation and live action. One of these has been submitted by a teacher.

Amazon plans to work with co-productions as well as studio projects.

“We’re devising a process that is driven as much as possible by customers and the creators themselves,” Price said, adding that the studio borrows part of its model from Amazon’s publishing venture Kindle Direct, which opened up the book submission and creative process to the public.

Eager to mix the traditional TV sector with the new digital world, Amazon is giving power to the audience, breaking free from the rules TV executives have created. “Game-changing shows are often rule-breaking shows,” commented Price.