Dalet, Tieto come together in the cloud

Editor | 08-10-2013

Media Asset Management solutions provider Dalet Digital Media Systems has entered into a deal with Nordic IT services company Tieto to create a cloud-based MAM and production offering.

Under the terms of the deal, the Dalet MAM system will be installed within Tieto's shared private cloud platform which is designed to enable users to manage daily requirements within its cloud environment. The platform offers options for options for local ingest, uploading content over the cloud and indexing with contextual and time-coded metadata.

Payment is based on usage alone so that customers can readily see and manage the real server costs. Furthermore the companies assert that customers will see costs reduced and with easier sharing of content, they will be potentially able to monetise their content by taking advantage of the system’s multiplatform delivery functionality.

“This initiative of two forward-thinking organisations will bring tangible benefits to both large and small media operations,” said Raoul Cospen, director of marketing and business development, Dalet Digital Media Systems.

“Customers in the publishing business and those in the broadcast industry will be able to take advantage of the technological progress of the cloud without incurring significant upfront capital expenditures. In today’s converging media world, where organisations are handling all types of text, image, video and complex assets, it makes complete business sense to manage them all within a single system.”

“Tieto media cloud platform provides customers with the ability to exploit new business opportunities to the fullest, while decreasing costs,” added Petteri Räsänen of Tieto’s media business development. “It saves time and removes inefficiencies associated with managing services from several sources that may operate under diverse management systems.”