MIPCOM 2013: Santa delivers new production model for YLE, Aito Media

Parent Category: News | 08-10-2013

Finnish technology firm Aito Media and broadcaster YLE have agreed to launch a new content format production model.

Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will create a turnkey format production hub in Finland. The first fruits of this will see Aito and YLE produce two versions of new kids scripted format Rescuing Santa in Finnish and one in Swedish.

The original idea of the show is based on a reality series created by Small World International Format television and Aito Media. After creative process with YLE the storyline was adapted as a scripted format for kids. Production will start immediately and the series will be completed by MIPTV. Rescuing Santa will also be showcased in the INPUT 2014 conference hosted by YLE.

“We are happy to announce that after a fruitful co-creation process we have agreed to produce series,” commented YLE´s Creative Director Ville Vilén. “Format will be easily repeatable and takes place in a high end virtual studio setting,” added Aito Media’s Ilkka Hynninen.

In addition Aito and YLE are inviting producers all around the world to produce their own version of the show cost effectively.