M2fx embarks on Middle East fibre partnership

Rebecca Hawkes | 09-10-2013

The Middle East Fiber Cable Manufacturing Company (MEFC) has tied up with m2fx, the producer of Miniflex fibre cables, to continue to support the region's growth in broadband communications.

A Saudi-Japanese venture, MEFC is based in Riyadh and has carved an estimated 40% of the Gulf market for fibre optic installations, according to the two companies. Through installer Detasad, MEFC has already supplied Miniflex cable to telecommunications operator Mobily in Saudi Arabia, among the 500 regional fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) projects that m2fx cable has so far been employed in.

Saeed Alghamdi, general manager, MEFC, said: "m2fx has designed products that meet the specific requirements of our region, making it the natural choice for our customers as they look to increase fibre deployments across the Middle East. With the market growing fast, we see Miniflex becoming a key part of our range."

Tom Carpenter, CEO, m2fx, added: "MEFC has built a strong reputation in the sector and working together we can help operators simplify installations, bring down deployment times and reduce costs around fibre to the premises networks. We look forward to expanding our market share across the Middle East through this partnership."