Hi, I've been doing a lot of looking round to make sure that I'm not double posting so sorry if this has been answered somewhere else. It's been hinted that it's possible on other sites but I've had no luck.

Here's the setup:
Humax HDR Freesat
Two dishes. One at 28.2 for Freesat, one at 19.2 for French TV. DiSEcQ working nicely.
Official TNT SAT card
Diablo CAM Light v2.3

I've tried various versions and combinations of Underworld (up to 1.6) and Horizon (up to 1.4) both with and without the TNT SAT card, but so far I've been unable to watch anything but the clear channels (Arte etc.) which I wouldn't need a card for anyway.

Am I trying the impossible?

I'm only really interested in the French channels, so what about a Fransat CAM and changing the dish direction as an option? But I really don't want to go up the ladder again! I'd also like to know if I've been wasting my time for the past few days!