Riedel acquires Code One

Jörn Krieger | 09-10-2013

Riedel Communications, a German provider of real-time video, audio, data and communications networks, has acquired German mobile streaming company Code One.

As a developer of solutions for video streaming over wide area networks (WANs), Code One brings Riedel a portfolio of WAN-focused solutions as well as technology for distributing video, audio and data via mobile networks.

"In order to guarantee further expansion of our company, we needed a partner with the capacity to support our portfolio in a competent and future-proofed manner," Code One CEO Sven Hanten said.

"Riedel Communications is an experienced company that offers a positive business environment including a firmly established presence in key markets and a strong financial position that will fuel our ongoing and future development of innovative solutions."

Code One video streaming technology enables broadcasters and other content producers to achieve greater mobility in live production environments. With the company's application-oriented products, users can distribute live content anywhere at any time.