Lovefilm launches enhanced LG Smart TV app

October 9, 2013 11.05 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Lovefilm has announced the launch of a new and improved streaming application for Lovefilm Instant on LG Smart TVs in the UK and Germany.

The Amazon-backed company says the enhanced app has an improved search function and recommendation engine. An optimised user interface has been designed to make navigation more efficient.

Revisiting content has also been made simpler with a display that keeps track of what is currently being viewed and the last location reached in that video – making it easier to resume viewing from the same spot on any device where Lovefilm Instant has been installed.

The popular Watchlist feature, which enables users to plan their viewing, is being introduced to LG sets for the first time. It has previously been seen on Samsung, Wii and Sony Bravia devices.

LG Smart TVs are the latest addition to the list of devices benefitting from the additional functionality of the new-look app, which is gradually being rolled out across Lovefilm-enabled devices.

The Lovefilm Instant streaming application for LG Smart TVs is available to download from the LG TV App Store as of Wednesday.