Smartphones, tablets create content, commerce, connectivity tipping point

Joseph O'Halloran | 10-10-2013

Double-digit percentage gains in device adoption along with more compelling content are fundamentally changing the way Americans consume media, a new survey by Frank N. Magid Associates has revealed.

According to the analyst’s The Heartbeat of Connected Culture: Smartphones and Tablets study, nearly three-quarters (74%) of American mobile consumers now use a smartphone, and just over half (52%) of mobile consumers now use a tablet.
This says Magid has driven triple-digit gains in a smartphone and tablet content activities, including video. For example, Magid describes mobile as the new TV with mobile video establishing itself this year as a mainstream activity with 44% of smartphone users and 61% of tablet users regularly watching video on their devices. The analyst stresses that this is not just for short clips and YouTube: the study revealed that 45% of smartphone viewers and 71% tablet viewers now watch long-form TV, movie, and sports content on those devices.
“Consumers have made the clear leap into mobile long-form,” exploited Andrew Hare, Magid Research Director. “Beyond just TV and traditional video consumption, however, the visual culture has taken over with the growth of Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Vine showing consumers increasingly prefer to communicate through images and video.”