Vertele launches Trend TV to get handle on social TV

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 11-10-2013

Spanish audience analysis website Vertele has launched Trend TV, a new tool aiming to measure social TV audiences in Spain.

Designed by Ecmware, Trend TV is designed to identify developments and relevant topics in the social environment, in order to get a more specific idea of how TV content progresses online.
The website will analyse social media and the regular TV data presented by Kantar Media. It will show a new report each day about the social behaviour of programmes, channels and even celebrities. The tool will also offer different figures, from the most commented prime time show to the weekly or monthly social evolution of the signals.
Trend TV will focus on Twitter activity, although other social networks may be also measured. In Spain 4.5 million are using Twitter and nearly nine million Tweets in September 2013 were related to TV. Trend TV will so give an extra look over Spain's social activity as well as Tuitele, which is currently also measuring Twitter-related activity among Spanish users.