Brazil's Vitoria taps Grass Valley to support HD transition

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 11-10-2013

Brazil's TV Vitoria/Record TV broadcaster, which delivers news and other informational programming to millions of viewers across the country, has selected an end-to-end solution from Grass Valley to facilitate the transition from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD). The project will be completed in March 2014.

Grass Valley is supplying the station with a GV STRATUS non-linear media production toolset, eight EDIUS Elite nonlinear editing software seats, a Karrera Video Production Center switcher with K-Frame, four LDX Flex HD studio camera systems with eXchangeable Control Unit base stations, three K2 Summit 3G 4-channel media servers, a K2 Solo 3G portable 2-channel media server, and the K2 Dyno S Replay Controller as well as K2 SAN storage.
"We are fully committed to providing our viewers the best quality of service possible, so transitioning from SD to HD is a natural next step for us," said Jocemiro Perreira at TV Vitoria/Record. "Grass Valley has seamlessly made our roadmap to HD possible. The complete solution means we will have a fully modernised infrastructure, and with GV STRATUS we will have a wide variety of tools that allow us to truly maximise our workflows."
With its new HD solution in place, the station will benefit from a long overdue non-linear operation and multi-platform distribution, as well as improved 3G signal transmission with the LDX Flex HD camera systems and XCU base stations in place.
"We're so pleased to add TV Vitoria/Record to our growing list of broadcasters around the world who are adding the powerful GV STRATUS toolset to their operations," said Felipe Andrade, regional sales director for Latin America at Grass Valley. "The upgrade from SD to HD is still being adopted by TV stations around the world and Grass Valley's cutting-edge solutions make this transition easy for broadcasters."
At the centre of the TV Vitoria/Record operation will be GV STRATUS, which gives TV Vitoria/Record staff a wide range of software-centric tools for nonlinear production workflow. It offers support for ingest, editing, content aggregation, logging, transfer and playout, and enables a 'create once, publish everywhere' workflow.
"This project with TV Vitoria/Record is of great importance to us as we continue to foster growth in the LATAM region," said Rafael Castillo, senior vice president of Latin America at Grass Valley. "Grass Valley is significantly growing market share in the LATAM region, due in no small part to our expertise in helping broadcasters to conquer the challenges of live production and employ unique, nonlinear production workflows that drive success."