Ubiquity acquires Think Design for social TV, IPTV functions

Michelle Clancy | 12-10-2013

Ubiquity Broadcasting has acquired assets of the Think Design Media, including The Social Mashup and IPTV, related intellectual property, customer relationships and inventory in a stock transaction as disclosed in its most recent 8-K SEC filing.

The Social Mashup is a series of application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable businesses to manage their social media presence.
"With this acquisition, we are creating an unparalleled offering which will enable our customers to maximise their return on their online presence and investments” said Chris Carmichael, CEO of Ubiquity. “Whether as a standalone suite of APIs being marketed to Web site operators, or integrated into our portfolio of Web 3.0 products, Social Mashup is a powerful addition to Ubiquity, while IPTV has the potential to dramatically change the way content providers will approach distribution."
The complete suite consists of SocialMedia Share, SocialMedia Stream, SocialMedia Votes, SocialMedia Analytics, SocialMedia Expressions and SocialMedia Login ID.
The complete Social Mashup suite is available for a discounted bundle price, or on an a la carte basis.
"Today, most websites are static and boring,” said Carlos Orellana, Ubiquity senior vice president of product development. “In other words, they are not interactive and do not promote a direct dialogue with their customers, fans, supporters or viewers. The Internet is about online communities participating and peering consumers who choose to communicate and socialise through modern technology.”
IPTV meanwhile provides Web video publishers and broadcasters with an alternative way to create and deploy video applications that make standard online videos into interactive, multi-dimensional, personalised user experiences. By adding advertising and other layered content to Web videos, the platform and technology creates new revenue streams for content providers, increasing their ROI and their user base. IPTV also allows the publisher to retain control of their content rather than giving it to a third party that takes a disproportionate amount of the revenue, and gains access to their proprietary viewer data.
IPTV's social media APIs make it easy for viewers to login and share video from the platform. It has an analytics dashboard that gives publishers access to detailed information about the viewing patterns of any video that they upload. IPTV also allows for elements tagged within the video to link to an eCommerce backend that makes programming shoppable.