Finding a niche: Dog TV

October 14, 2013 11.02 Europe/London By By Robert Briel at MIPCOM 2013, Cannes

dog-tvWATCH VIDEO. The prize for this year’s most remarkable niche channel should go to US-based Dog TV, a “network created just for dogs.”

The new channel was present in Cannes and will bring the “dog-approved programming to canines around the world.” Following the success of the dog whispering programmes on other channels, a channel aimed at the canines themselves should come as no surprise – although many people were wondering if the backers were barking.

“There are more than 40 million dog-owning households in the US. As people work longer hours and have both members of the household working, more dogs are left home alone, sometimes for several hours,” according to Gilad Neumann, CEO of Dog TV.

“Pooches get lonely, bored and suffer from separation anxiety. Owners are looking for ways to help comfort their dogs until they return. Dog TV is the ideal solution.”

The channel is now available on DirecTV in the US, on Roku set-tops and as a streaming service on

Dog TV claims it “was scientifically developed and tested for more than four years to treat stay-at-home dogs with programming specifically designed for their eyes and ears. The programming is split into three categories (relaxation, stimulation and exposure) that work collaboratively to provide just the right balance to ease boredom and stress levels.”

WATCH VIDEO – below is one of the commercials for Dog TV aired in the US