Aurora upgrades bandwidth limits for cable infrastructure

Michelle Clancy | 15-10-2013

In the face of escalating video traffic, Aurora Networks will debut a fully upgradeable 5-85MHz return path solution, featuring Aurora Networks' 102-1002MHz downstream-capable nodes coupled with its Universal Digital Return technology.

Driven by the needs of today's high-demand services like IP video and video conferencing, operators continue to face the looming pressure to provide customers with increased upstream bandwidth capacity. With advances like DOCSIS 3.0 and the preparations for DOCSIS 3.1, the industry is projecting that operators will soon expand their return path from today's standard 5-42MHz, to 5-85MHz.

The solution consists of Aurora Networks' NC4000 and NC2000 nodes that support a 5-85MHz return path. Moreover, for the first time with Aurora Networks' Universal Digital Return solution, DT4250N, an operator can purchase 5-42MHz technology today and then upgrade an entire node to 5-85MHz tomorrow, with the return path transmitter requiring only the push of a button.

"With new standards quickly approaching, the time is now for operators to seamlessly evolve their networks to support existing and future capacity demands," said John Dahlquist, vice president of marketing at Aurora Networks. "This new solution is a demonstration of Aurora Networks' dedication to drive innovation for cable operators and provide them with the right solution for their targeted problem serving areas."