Discovery en Español's Cinco de Mayo retrospective earns Emmy nod

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 15-10-2013

Discovery en Español has announced that its original production, 5 de Mayo, Un Dia de Gloria, about the history behind the Cinco de Mayo holiday in Mexico has been nominated for an International Emmy Award in the category of best documentary.

Cinco de Mayo is not, as is commonly thought, Mexican Independence Day. It actually marks the fighting of the Battle of Puebla, in which Mexico, able to muster only an improvised army, defeated France, the world's greatest military power of the time. The documentary underscores the courage, pride and deep sense of patriotism that drove the Mexican fighters to defend their national sovereignty.

"This nomination is a recognition of Discovery en Español's commitment to consistently offering its viewers high quality content around subject matters that resonate with their interests," said Bilai Silar, vice president and content director of Discovery US Hispanic networks.

Featuring experts on the period and epic dramatisations, the programme recounts the key moments of that historic day, starting with the factors that led to the confrontation between France and Mexico and culminated in the unexpected triumph of the Mexican forces.

"5 de Mayo, Un Día de Gloria has all the trademark characteristics that distinguish Discovery en Español's best original productions," said Michela Giorelli, vice president for production and development at Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanic. "We are very proud of such a prestigious nomination in the industry."

Directed by Gerardo Tort and Andrea Martínez, 5 de Mayo, Un Dia de Gloria was produced by Cactus Films with Giorelli, Rafael Rodríguez and Irune Ariztoy from Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanic overseeing its production.