Vienna State Opera on song with OTT second-screen app

Joseph O'Halloran | 16-10-2013

Hoping to build a global opera-loving audience, the world renowned Vienna State Opera has launched a multilingual second-screen app for live performances.

The app is designed to enable over-the-top (OTT) opera viewers to make the most of the experience with local language synchronised with the opera performance. The Vienna State Opera says that it wanted to embrace the adoption of second screens and companion devices whose proliferation has given it the opportunity to demystify the opera experience for potential new fans and provide a richer and deeper interaction for existing opera lovers.

“The opera is an experience people from all over the world would love to enjoy on a more regular basis," says Christopher Widauer, Vienna State Opera. “Through OTT delivery we are now able to provide access locally and reach a brand new and wider audience. By providing compelling second-screen experiences, we aim to create a stronger link with viewers globally and enable them to better follow and enjoy the opera play, whatever their language or location. Bringing together various app developers and world leading ACR technology by Civolution ensures that we are delivering outstanding second screen experiences, which really brings the opera alive on TV.”

Civolution and app development company PocketScience developed the Wiener Staatsoper App using the former’s SyncNow ACR technology which enables the app to ‘hear’ watermarks in the OTT soundtrack, which are then used to synchronise the app with the opera. One of the key features of this approach is that however delayed the OTT experience is, the app is always in sync with the event as the watermark is detected after its journey over the Internet. The second-screen app will ultimately provide a number of features such as partition display, information about the performance, details of the singers and provide multilingual subtitles of the play in English, Japanese, Korean and more.

The app will be available on iOS and Android as part of the opera’s special OTT ticket offer.