Polsat owner raises eyebrows

October 16, 2013 19.51 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul, PIKE 2013, Lodz

Zygmunt Solorz-Zak, founder and owner of Polsat, surprised delegates at PIKE 2013 by speaking in support of the public broadcaster TVP, one of his main competitors.

In his view, TVP should have the right to collect fees in order to fulfill its mission, with the amount fixed by the government.

Furthermore, TVP should have the right to broadcast main sporting events in Poland, with the regulator deciding on which ones they should be.

Solorz-Zak nevertheless dismissed TVPís aim to have a combined audience share of around a third of the total for its channels as a monopolistic attitude.

On other issues, when asked about the second digital dividend, he said that his favoured solution would be to have a consolidation of frequencies, with one operator providing equal access to those frequencies and the users competing subsequently on programming.

Solorz-Zak also said he was undecided on whether two proposed additional multiplexes should in fact be used for data or video services, with the issue dependent on the market.

In addition, he said that mobile internet was very much the way forward.