US video viewing analysed

October 16, 2013 22.21 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul, PIKE 2013, Lodz

Netflix FamilyThe ways in which viewers access Netflix and Hulu tends to differ significantly, according to studies undertaken by Nielsen.

Speaking at PIKE 2013, Davide Crestani of Nielsen Media Research said that while Netflix users in the US did so via PCs, the figure was a much higher 81% in the case of Hulu users. Users also tended to access Netflix much more via game consoles (26% v 4%), Blu ray (14% v 5%) and other devices than Hulu users.

Other findings in the Nielsen studies, focused on the US, included that viewers on average access content for an average of 39 hours a week across TV, online and mobile.

They also found that TV still dominates video viewing, accounting for an average of 159 hours a month in Q2 this year.

This compared to 6 hours 28 minutes for laptops and 5 hours 45 minutes for smartphones.

Looking at time shifting, the studies found that 1% of cable viewers did so by more than seven days.

Other findings confirmed that viewers aged 18-24 tended to use TVs much less after buying a tablet than those aged 25-54 who also did so. They also showed that VOD services are becoming increasingly popular in the US, with availability having risen from 38% of households in 2008 to 60% this year.