France Télévisions on verge of strike

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 17-10-2013

Several syndicates from the French public broadcaster France Télévisions have called for a strike on 7 November to protest against the current voluntary departure plan that will see 361 positions not refilled and which is seen by them as a disguised job cuts plan.

France Télévisions' directors have already said that the plan won't be amended and the affected jobs won't be replaced.

The reduction plan will hit all the group's branches and is part of a global strategy aimed at reducing the group's jobs from 10,100 to 9,750 by 2015. France Télévisions is attempting to bring its results back to balance while state funding is to be reduced by €42 million in 2015 compared to 2012.

The public group is currently forecasting a €133 million loss in 2013, in which the voluntary departure plan will account for €89 million.

The additional state funding France Télévisions received following the prime time ad ban cut in 2009, however, received the green light this week from the European Court of Justice. It stated that the funding conforms to the European competition rule, thus rejecting a complaint filed by private broadcaster TF1.