Exset launches monetisation system for African TV operators

Rebecca Hawkes | 18-10-2013

Exset has launched its digital monetisation system (DMS) in Africa to realise revenue for operators from pay-TV and digital free-to-air platforms south of the Sahara.

DMS powers what the company terms the Africa Page, a solution to increase operator revenues in value-based pay-TV systems. Providing a gateway to government information services such as health and education, magazines, teleshopping and games, the Africa Page will help engage consumers.

"The digital divide is a very real economic and socioeconomic issue and DMS is now a key weapon in tackling it," said Rahul Nehra, global head sales & chief marketing officer, Exset.

"By providing new revenue streams through interactive public services and interactive advertising revenues, the Africa Page allows operators to provide services to populaces that have so far not been able to receive or afford them. It also facilitates the rollout of free-to-air systems by providing alternative revenue streams. The model proposes to drive revenues to the extent that the digitisation process becomes self-financing in three to five years," he added.