Hulu teams with Nintendo on joint app experience for the DS

Michelle Clancy | 18-10-2013

Hulu is launching a Nintendo app to blend together the Hulu Plus and Nintendo user experience. Now Nintendo 3DS and 2DS owners can access current season TV and the Hulu library of commercial-free kids shows through an optimised viewing experience that takes advantage of the systems' dual screen option.

"When I was seven years old, I remember waking up on Christmas morning and ripping the wrapping paper off of a gift, unveiling Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo," wrote Hulu distribution exec Eric Berman, in a blog, adding some homespun colour to the announcement. "In excitement, I jumped up and held the game high above my head. It is with that same excitement that we are proud to announce the arrival of Hulu Plus to the Nintendo 3DS family."

Users can start watching Hulu Plus on their Wii U or Wii at home, and continue to watch with their Nintendo 3DS system outside the home.

"That means you could be watching last night's episode of The Simpsons from your living room couch, and pick up wherever you left off in the episode when you are on the go with your Nintendo 3DS," Beman said. "Also, you can use the touch screen to browse content and pause/play/seek, while the upper screen plays your video."