New TV dance show for India

Rebecca Hawkes | 18-10-2013

A new reality TV dance show called Bharat Ki Shaan has been unveiled by India’s public broadcaster Doordarshan (DD).

The Gajendra Singh-created concept, which sees classical Indian dance performances compete with Western dances, had its first airing on 14 October, and will be televised each Monday and Tuesday evening at 10pm.

Indian classical dance legend Dr Sonal Mansingh has developed the show, and in her TV premiere, will appear in the show as ‘Guru Shrestha’, the supreme judge.

“It is a strategy for me to bridge the gap between the popular and pure arts. I hope the show doesn’t only let the country discover new talents, but also discover dance in its diversity, richness and beauty,” said Dr Mansingh.

Mansingh will be joined with two other judges, Sandeep Soparkar, who is an expert in Ballroom dance; and Sandeep Mahavir, a Kathak dancer/choreographer. They will help prepare the contestants for their televised performances.

V K Jain, ADG (Publicity), Doordarshan added: “We are very happy to produce, Bharat ki Shaan – Rum Jhum. With this show, we want to expand Bharat ki Shaan in the form of dance.

“The concept of doing Indian classical versus non-Indian dance was conceptualised by DD Director General, Tripurari Sharan. It was his idea to get the traditional and contemporary Indian dance versus other forms of dance to bring out the cultural values from different parts of the world.”