AsiaSat 8 set for orbit in 2014

Rebecca Hawkes | 18-10-2013

AsiaSat 8 is on schedule for launch in April 2104 to bring extra satellite transponder capacity to broadcasters in Asia and the Middle East.

The communications satellite has begun spacecraft thermal vacuum (SCTV) testing to ensure it will perform in a space vacuum environment and extreme temperatures, its owners Hong Kong-based Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company said.

“AsiaSat 8 will bring new Ku-band capacity to AsiaSat 3S/AsiaSat 7’s orbital location of 105.5ºE, an established AsiaSat slot for DTH, data broadcasting and telecommunications services. This new satellite will help meet the increasing demand for quality capacity from high growth markets in Asia and the Middle East,” said William Wade, president and chief executive officer, AsiaSat.

Following launch, the new satellite’s high-powered Ku-band coverage will cover China, India, the Middle East and South Asia, with inter-beam switching to meet specific customer demands.

The company claims that with the region’s most powerful amplifiers (Ku-band TWTAs at 210 watts), AsiaSat 8 will offer the highest downlink EIRP across Asia and the Middle East.