13.3 million French viewers watch TV on a connected device

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 22-10-2013

13.3 million French viewers, a fourth of the 15+ audience, watch TV each month on a screen other than a TV set, and this figure has doubled over the last four years, according to the Global TV study by Médiamétrie.

The growth of connected devices, new non-linear TV offers and à la carte practices lead more and more people to watch TV on screens other than a TV set's, such as computers, smartphones and tablets.
Connected devices are essentially used to watch live or catch-up content with a duration of four minutes on average.
The 15-24 demo extend this screening time to ten minutes daily on average.
Médiamétrie found that computers and tablets are the favourite non-TV devices on which to watch content.
10.4 million individuals aged 15+ watched TV (mostly live and catch-up) on their computers over the last month, up 56% compared to four years ago.
Three million people watch live TV on their tablet each month, according to Médiamétrie, representing more than a two-fold increase over one year.
However, audiences also remains attached to the family TV screen, with 98% of those aged 15+ watched live or time-shifted programmes on their traditional TV set over the last month.
They're also watching more, as the average daily TV consumption was three hours and 50 minutes per person in 2012, Médiamétrie said.