Chileans prefer free-to-air TV

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22-10-2013

Although pay-TV in Chile reaches 61.1% of homes, free-to-air channels are still the most watched, even in houses with cable or satellite connections, according to the inaugural report on Chile's TV by Anatel.

In homes where there is a pay-TV platform, free-to-air channels have an average rating of 24.9%, while paid channels barely reach 20%. During prime time, free-to-air TV increases to 53.1% of the share, leaving pay-TV with 30.3%.
The success of the general interest channels such as Canal 13 seems to be underpinning free-to-air's strong position among audiences. Regarding pay-TV, kids' programmes are among the most watched, with Disney Channel, Discovery Kids and Cartoon Network topping the charts.
The good news for pay-TV is that its growth has continued over the last few years, powered by direct-to-home (DTH) satellite platforms. Since 2009, pay-TV penetration has grown 12.1%, during which time DTH companies went from having 15.9% of the pie to 23.4%.
Anatel's report was produced together with Connect Media. "For the first time all the associated channels (Televisión Nacional, Canal 13, Mega, Chilevisión, La Red, Telecanal and UCV-Televisión) have worked together in order to seriously analyse Chile's TV industry, and so contribute to the debate generated around TV in the country," explained Ernesto Corona, Anatel's president.