Arantia launches headend for IPTV solutions

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22-10-2013

Spanish company Arantia has launched a new headend solution for IPTV services. The hardware allows reception of digital services through its input modules for encapsulation into IP packets and streaming over an IP network.

The IPTV-HE21 allows several satellite cards inputs at the same time and the software has been improved in order to offer PID filtering and CAM additional information, keeping features such as real-time snapshots or SAP announcements. There are different types of modules depending on the input number, from single to quad. Some modules include common interface for pay-TV channels.

In addition the latest IPTV headend, Arantia has also launched a new model of its set-top box (STB), The Chronos, an interactive and high definition decoder designed to receive IP services and provide interactive services through applications supported on its embedded browser. Along with the STB, a new software line and a digital signage solution were also launched at Cabsat in Dubai.
Arantia is the IP company of the Televés group; it designs and manufactures both hardware –STBs and IPTV headends – and software. Arantia's system gathers TV satellite signals from Televés' network and transforms them into a uniform IP solution. Moreover, on-demand hardware is included in the network, which brings with it the possibility of VOD.
The solution is used for several purposes but has built a strong position within the hotel TV arena. The system allows the creation of a sort of local TV operator which manages a wide range of satellite channels, adding other types of services such as a newspaper reader, weather information and room service on TV.