LiveRail adds TV-like online video ad pod management

Parent Category: | 22-10-2013

LiveRail, a video monetisation platform for publishers, has launched RTB-based advertising pod management, giving publishers the ability to traffic more than one video ad in a sequenced group, similar to a TV commercial break, programmatically.

The capability enables publishers to create more impressions without needing to increase the number of viewers or content streams played, the company said. This also creates more pricing and placement options for advertisers.
"Introducing Pods programmatically at scale represents a natural, logical progression for the industry," said Mark Trefgarne, co-founder and CEO at LiveRail. "Both publishers and advertisers need proven technology that allows them to measure ad effectiveness as well as adapt to changes in pricing and delivery models and our new pod feature offers a clear opportunity for both demand and supply-side providers."
LiveRail allows publishers to replicate TV-like ad behaviour and ad rates by conducting multiple real-time bidding auctions across multiple third-party buyers, to fill one single request based on the pod's time duration (two minutes) or slots (four commercials/ads), while also managing brand and sales channel conflicts in the milliseconds before the first ad is served. This is especially important to publishers with long-form content, who want to boost the effectiveness of mid-roll video ads.
Buyers can bid for each position in the pod depending on if it's the first, last or intermediary slot. As a result, the hope is that CPM prices will begin to converge on the market rates for pod positions, similar to broadcast TV commercials, bridging the traditional TV ad buying model with the advanced capabilities of programmatic video.