ARRIS launches HEVC-ready video encoder

Michelle Clancy | 22-10-2013

ARRIS has introduced an encoder aimed at helping along the deployment of high efficiency video coding (HEVC), widely considered a linchpin to the effective delivery of 4K UltraHD content.

The ARRIS SE-7000 encoder addresses limited bandwidth challenges while also supporting live HEVC streaming over the MPEG2 TS standard. The SE-7000, a fourth-generation video compression system based on the company's SE-6000 encoder, can simulcast both HEVC and Advanced Video Coding (AVC) streams along with integrated low-resolution picture-in-picture (PIP). It also supports IP and baseband SDI inputs.
"Service and content providers are focused on delivering HEVC this coming year, as bandwidth demands continue and UltraHD content services become more widely available," said Bruce McClelland, president for Network & Cloud Global Services at ARRIS. "We are working with our customers and are introducing the SE-7000 to provide the efficiency and performance they need to truly deliver customers their media, their way."
By using the HEVC standard, the SE-7000 enables video service providers to extend high quality IPTV video reach over existing wireless, DSL or DOCSIS networks. HEVC has shown the ability to use 50% less bandwidth compared to the H.264 compression standard.
Delivery to multiple devices is becoming important to operators. According to the Fourth Annual Media Engagement Barometer by ARRIS, the average consumer uses multiscreen services away from home four days a week, and more than a quarter download TV programmes to their mobile devices on a daily basis.