BBC Persian, CCTV News and euronews battle it out for Eutelsat TV Awards

Editor | 22-10-2013

Despite the many alternatives available, TV is retaining its primacy in terms of news provision, and satellite provider Eutelsat is to recognise this at its prestigious TV Awards in November.

The news category will see a battle encompassing leading news organisations across the globe from Paris to Beijing calling at Iran in between. The three channels shortlisted by the jury — BBC Persian,CCTV News and euronews — are said to reflect a wealth of experience, courageous news reporting and an ambition to adapt news for a regional audience.
A tri-media news and current affairs service for Persian-speakers around the world including Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, BBC Persian has been in operation since 2009, now offering, says Eutelsat in its citation,“insightful reporting” across television, radio and online platforms. The company’s 2013 output has been marked by in-depth coverage of the Iranian presidential elections and new research that showed the channel's increasing audience in Iran.
CCTV News was launched in 2010 as a 24-hour free-to-air channel presenting primarily a Chinese and Asian perspective on its home country as well as world news and developing economies. The channel has added new international reporters to raise editorial and production standards and continues to increase output from its production centre in Nairobi that now generates 12.5 hours per week of news, in-depth features and documentaries about Africa. Output from the American news centre in Washington DC has also increased, to 15 hours per week. The channel plans to launch a European production centre by mid-2014 to strengthen its focus on European issues and events.
With 20 years of experience under its belt, euronews says it strives to supply factually correct information in a non-superficial format. The channel now covers world news in 13 languages, the most recent being Greek in December 2012 and Hungarian in May 2013. Beyond the channel's own production, Euronews claims to benefit from access to the varied information streams through the Eurovision exchange and major press and TV news agencies. The channel has adapted its format for mobiles and tablets as well as connected TVs.