Music TV moves to the Internet

Parent Category: 23-10-2013

The Internet has become the new MTV, with more than every second Internet user in Germany (54%) watching music videos on the net.

This corresponds with almost 30 million people in Germany, according to a survey conducted among 1,008 over 14-year-olds in Germany by market research institute Aris on behalf of industry association BITKOM.
Younger Internet users in particular consume music videos on the Web with 85% of people between 14 and 29 watching video clips online. In the 30-49 age group, this amounts to 51% and in the 50-64 age group 34%.
In 1981, MTV launched as the first TV channel for music videos in the US, and around ten years later, music television arrived in Germany. Instead of music videos, these channels now mainly screen reality TV shows and youth series.
In addition to video portals like YouTube and Vimeo, German music fans can use interactive Internet platforms like, QTom and Putpat on which they can create music programmes customised for their personal taste.