Tedial highlights RTVE's archive digitisation at FIAT IFTA

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23-10-2013

Spain's Tedial and RTVE will play a key role at the FIAT IFTA conference in Dubai (25-28 October), with a presentation highlighting the groundbreaking archive project that Tedial is carrying out for the public channel.

The project is one of the most ambitious digitisation works in the broadcasting sector and the largest in the Spanish TV and radio field. Carlos Hernández, RTVE's project manager, will explain how the network is digitising the public company's whole tape archive in a process expected to last for four years.
Over 580,000 hours of content from RTVE's archive, including several different formats such as Telecine (1"-2"), Umatic and Beta Cam SP, will be digitally archived. Due to the work of the Tedial Workflow Manager, RTVE managed to recover old material.
The project aims to provide Spanish people with access to historical information recorded since television arrived in the country. The conference at FIAT IFTA will highlight the project's significance both regarding Tedial's pioneering technology and Spain's television heritage.
Tedial is based in Málaga, southern Spain, and specialises in media asset management, hierarchical storage management and business process management software.