Cartoons and series drive success for

Parent Category: | 23-10-2013

The consumption of cartoons and series has shot up during the last three months for Spain's online video-on-demand (VOD) platform, with a 20% increase in cartoon consumption and 33% for series, according to a report of consumer habits by, reported by Europa Press.

During the last three months, seven out of the ten most watched movies were animated and included films like Sponge Bob, Cars, Shrek and Dumbo. On average, 25% of total movies watched are cartoons, pointing to's solid position in the family entertainment arena.
The arrival of Wuaki's catalogue of successful American productions such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead seems to be the reason behind the increasing in series watching. The tendency is stronger among subscribers to the Selection plan, with 50% of content viewed being series.
The report also points to the preference for smart TVs among Wuaki users. Over 70% of film consumption was done on smart screens, while 18% of viewers used the online player.
The platform has reached over 600,000 users during its two years online, and experienced great growth, particularly during 2012. The audience consists mostly of men (80%) between 25 and 55.