SeaChange debuts ad ingest platform for Tier 2 pay-TV operators

Michelle Clancy | 23-10-2013

SeaChange International has extended its line of content management systems (CMS) with the introduction of SeaChange AdFlow Core. Developed for Tier 2 television service providers, AdFlow Core is meant to simplify ingest and preparation of advertising for billable insertion into linear, on-demand and over-the-top (OTT) video streams.

Based on the AdFlow system in use by Tier 1 television service providers, AdFlow Core includes essential Ad CMS capabilities in a footprint tailored for smaller providers who are building their insertable channel count and expanding to multi-platform services.
AdFlow Core enables the entire ad content processing cycle (schedule file processing, reverse reconciliation and transcoding) and grows with the advertising business as other requirements emerge (automated quality assurance, audio normalisation and so on). The unique AdFlow Core dashboard enables monitoring of the entire ad processing operation in real-time.
"AdFlow Core introduces a layer of operation-wide visibility and extensibility that allows smaller service providers to orchestrate more efficient and capable content workflows as they grow their advertising business on more channels and subscriber devices," said Venkat Krishnan, vice president of products at SeaChange.
In a multiscreen environment, advertisement copies have to be reproduced with numerous variants to serve unique messages to various audiences, and to meet the requirements of multiple types of networks. At the point of content ingest, AdFlow Core takes in ads from multiple sources, processes ad schedule files, transcodes ad variants for insertion and verifies their playout.