Majority of connected STB buyers look to ditch pay-TV

Parent Category:| 24-10-2013

The majority of prospective Internet set-top box (iSTB) purchasers are motivated by a desire to replace their traditional pay-TV services with streaming video services, new research from TDG has revealed.

Digging deeper into the worrying trend for pay-TV providers unearthed in TDG's most recent consumer research project, Video Behaviour in the Age of Quantum Media, just under two-fifths (38.4%) of prospective connected box buyers slightly agreed with the proposition that they’d use their new device as a pay-TV replacement, while nearly a fifth (17.2%) completely agreed. In addition, nearly a third (31.6%) of would-be game console purchasers in the next six months would look at cord-cutting or cord-shaving. "Internet set-top boxes are built specifically to bring a variety of video services and other applications to your TV set," commented Michael Greeson, co-founder of TDG. "It should be of no surprise to see such correlations. It is, however, surprising to see the extent to which it holds. Given the breadth of content and applications, not to mention the extremely low prices, these devices offer an attractive over-the-top (OTT) platform for those inclined to cancel their pay-TV service."