Media Networks to provide satellite connection for Conekta

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 24-10-2013

Telefónica's Media Networks is to provide Ku band satellite Internet (ISAT-KU) to Peru's Conekta, the satellite department of the telco Proveedor de Comunicaciones del Oriente, in order to improve the company's coverage through the Peruvian Amazon.

The Iquitos-based operator will increase its operations in the San Martín, Ucayali and Amazonas regions, focusing on public and private companies in those cities and rural areas which have no access to terrestrial communications. The deal will provide Conekta with an ISAT-KU offer designed for corporative purposes.
“The deal will encourage Conekta's operation in the Amazon and contribute to the region's development, while Media Networks consolidates its position as the largest ISAT-KU wholesaler in Peru and Latin America,” explained Juan Carlos González, commercial manager at Media Networks. He also added that the ISAT-KA, the satellite network for private individuals, is fully working and will bring the Internet to thousands of homes in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru.
In addition to the Internet connection, Media Networks also offers direct-to-home (DTH) under the wholesaler model which some Latin American operators are already employing, and this has helped increase Peru's importance in the region as a satellite hub for pay-TV.
Media Networks is a B2B unit of Telefónica Digital, offering pay-TV and Internet services, audiovisual solutions and ad sales to companies and operators in Spain, US and Central and South America.