STB-based conditional access clients to pass billion-barrier within year

Editor | 27-10-2013

Expanding demand in Latin America, India and China will drive the global installed base of conditional access (CA) clients in set-top boxes (STB) past 1 billion units by 2014 according to new IHS research.

In its latest Conditional Access Market Monitor, analyst forecasts the installed base of CA STB clients to rise 14% from its 2013 total to 1.1 billion units 12 months later. This would represent the devices doubling their market size since 2009.
In stark contrast with the aforementioned buoyant emerging markets, North America and Japan, says the research, are set to experience declining demand for STB CA clients in 2013 and 2014. The data shows that the decline will likely be especially sharp in Japan in 2013, as demand slowed down following a surge in sales driven by government subsidies for digital terrestrial television (DTT) STBs.
“As television services continue to expand their reach into new regions, the installed base of STBs keeps rising,” explained IHS senior principal STB analyst Daniel Simmons. “In parallel with this the expansion of the STB business, there has been growing demand for CA technology in cable, satellite and IPTV. Because of this, emerging markets continue to increase their demand for STB CA clients, even as established markets see slowing and even declines in annual growth. This allowed the installed base of CA clients to more than double in five years and will enable it to break through the 1 billion-unit barrier for the first time ever in 2014.”
In terms of which particular conditional access technologies which were enjoying the most growth, IHS made special reference to CA modules (CAMs), increasingly deployed in TVs with built-in DTT, satellite and cable tuners.The analyst calculates that during the period from 2009 to 2012, the CAM market grew at an impressive 51% annually. Furthermore it expects some 5.4 million CAMs to be shipped in the Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA) regions during 2013.