DirecTV, Time Warner Cable said to be set to adopt Aereo strategy

Editor | 28-10-2013

As retransmission fees take their toll on US network providers, reports are suggesting that some of the leading cable companies are considering launching products capable of capturing free broadcast TV signals.

According to the Bloomberg news service, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Charter Communications are said to be set to take a leaf out of the book of Aereo which provides an over-the-top (OTT) way to receive broadcast TV feeds without paying retransmission fees. Even though technologically proven and being rolled out rapidly across American cities, the service has attracted multiple lawsuits from engaged content owners.
However, enraging content owners would be something rather attractive to cable networks which feel that they are being squeezed by the content companies to show compelling programmes - TWC has only just dusted itself off after a bruising retrans row battle with CBS. Offering an Aereo-type service could potentially save the network firms billions of dollars in retransmission fees.