Televisa's income growth driven by TV platforms

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28-10-2013

Televisa's TV businesses reported the highest growth for the Mexican group in Q3 2013, with Sky (up 9.9%), cable platforms and telecom services (12.4%), and free-to-air TV (5.3%) drivingTelevisa's growth, according to a report presented by the company to the Mexican stock market.

In total, the company reported general earnings of $202 million, which actually represents a fall of 18.4% with respect to Q3 2012. The drop may be due to external factors such as taxes and exchange rates, as the company's income has grown 5.75% to $4,036 million since the beginning of the year. Some extra financial efforts, such as the one made for Lusacell (of which Televisa owns 50% shares) are also behind the earnings drop.
Televisa's net sales experienced growth (8.1%), as did its operating segments (6.1%). The group's business increase was mostly driven by the content and distribution sectors. Cable subscriptions saw 58,000 new customers (reaching nearly 2.5 million) and 233,000 more viewers started to pay for Sky.
Advertising income grew too, up 5% from $470 million in Q3 2012 to $495 million in the same period this year.