Asian soap operas conquer Hispanic markets

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28-10-2013

Asian productions are becoming increasingly successful among Latin American and US Hispanic audiences, especially due to the new soap opera formats from China, Taiwan and Korea.

These productions are mostly distributed in the region through Latin Media Corporation, which works with several producers and distributors in Asia.
In countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Panama and Peru, the Asian soap operas are already a regular feature on pay-TV schedules. Among the latest titles hitting the Latin audiences are Pan, Amor y Sueños, Amor Azul, Como Aman los Hombres, Chicas de Oficina and Bella Solitaria. Most of these are high quality short series focused on family issues.
After the Asian markets opened up to Latin American productions, Latin Media Corporation started to capitalise the returns. Exports have changed direction and now Asian productions are slowly taking an important piece of the Latin American market. This tendency is also being noticed in the African and European production industries.
Latin Media Corporation is based in Miami, but it oversees Asian and African distribution from Kuala Lumpur together with its partner World Rights Corporation, and the Eastern European market from Prague, together with Blue Sky Media. The company's portfolio also includes productions of Chile's Canal 13, Ecuador's Ecuavisa and independent producers from Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.