National Geographic surveys impending disaster attitudes ahead of American Blackout premiere

Michelle Clancy | 28-10-2013

National Geographic Channel and Kelton have released a new survey gauging the nation's pop culture attitude towards impending disasters, ahead of the premiere of American Blackout, a two-hour film from the cable network that envisions a time when the lights go out.

For one, the survey asked which celebrity would Americans most like to get trapped in tight quarters with in case of such a scenario. Former sweethearts Brad Pitt (15%) and Jennifer Aniston (22%) topped the list in the male and female categories. Coming in close seconds were talk show host Jimmy Fallon (13%) and comedienne Tina Fey (17%).
Fallon and fellow late-night talk show host Jon Stewart (12%) convincingly beat Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling (6%). Fey topped celebrities like Megan Fox and Beyonce (10% and 8%). Miley Cyrus came in last (4%).
And while Ben Affleck is gearing up to play Batman in the Superman sequel, it's still the Man of Steel himself (most recently played by Henry Cavill) who is the superhero most trusted by more than half the nation (52%) to protect the US in case of a catastrophic blackout. Ironically, genius engineer Tony Stark isn't trusted to get the power grid back online, as Ironman comes in a distant second (14%).
Jason Bourne (24%) and James Bond (24%) tied for first place in the fictional character most likely to bring the nation to safety if a blackout occurred. Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen came in third (13%).
And, the No 1 song to play while you're stuck in the dark (with or without a celebrity) was overwhelmingly Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark (30%).
American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyber-attack told in real time, over ten days, by those who keep filming on cameras and phones. The idea is to show what it might take to survive from day one, and who would be left standing when the lights come back on.