Origin to pick up six films from LA Femme Fest

Michelle Clancy | 28-10-2013

Origin Releasing has signed a deal to pick up six as-yet-undecided films from this year's ninth Annual LA Femme International Film Festival, all of which will be receiving distribution deals.

The parties also anticipate another four film deals to be announced within the next few weeks.
"Unlike other festivals we do not discriminate for winning films but rather we have secured a first look for all the films screened at the festival. I have succeeded where no one has ventured before on behalf of filmmakers by helping to secure distribution for everyone," said Leslie LaPage, founder and director of LA Femme.
In addition to the distribution deal for the screened films at this year's Fest, Origin Releasing has locked a distribution guarantee to the winner of the screenplay competition, and has tied in a production partner to produce it.
"This award enhances the screenplay competition offering a real chance for those writing spec screenplays, a forum to getting them made," said Niko Foster, CEO of Origin Releasing. "We have again broken the mould, creating the impossible into possible for those screenplay writers submitting to our festival," said LaPage.